The Planting of Princess E

Where we left off: Elizabeth of Milarch Nursery tagging the Princess Emily
Princess E and traveling companion, a London Plane tree, on flatbed trailer with Kevin, who is about to cover them both for the ride to Royal Oak
. . . which was no small feat. Princess E may look small, but she was very heavy!
Straightening her out
Nick and Dean mulch Princess E with Ailanthus (“Tree of Heaven”) woodchips. Notice the honey locust watching over the scene in the background, just on the other side of out carport. February 2019, the month the Arbor Day Plot was conceived, Singing Tree visited me for the first time, to trim this honey locust. See that adventure here:
3 minutes of water and she’s good to go.
Princess Emily planted in her “forever-home,” Tuesday, May 26, 2020
Now for ferns for her backdrop and hostas, perhaps, in the foreground (and, of course, more river rocks)
Princess Emily tonight, her third evening here, enjoying a light drizzle with the American beech, who is the canopy to her understory

8 thoughts on “The Planting of Princess E

    • Thanks, Lynn, I agree both w/the level of production and how beautiful she is. Although the sun’s spottily coming out now, since I posted, we had an intense downpour, and her bracts were coming down interspersed with driving slants of fine rain. Thanks for urging me on; 4 posts in 5 days is a little above par for me 🙂


  1. Congrats on Princess Emily, MD! She’s a beauty and I need to find out where the nursery is you bought her from. My back yard has been calling to me. I have lost two of three old apple trees that I loved when I bought the house. The third is hurting, but I refuse to let her go.


  2. Thanks for the honor of letting us pay homage to Princess Emily in person. She is quite divine.

    On Thu, May 28, 2020 at 7:03 PM The Arbor Day Plot wrote:

    > Maureen Dunphy posted: ” Where we left off: Elizabeth of Milarch Nursery > tagging the Princess Emily L to R: Princess E; Elizabeth of Milarch’s; > Kevin of Singing Tree; Craig (co-adoptee)Princess E having branches tied > for transportingFront-end forklift digging in under PE’s r” >


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